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Anderson Brothers Storage & Moving Co., Moving & Storage Company, Chicago, IL
Reliable and Accurate Estimates
A written estimate is curtailed in choosing a moving company for your commercial and office relocations. Our estimates are provided at no charge. Our consultant will work with you to obtain a visual survey of your environment. They then detail the costs for packing, moving and unpacking with no hidden fees. You select only the services you want to include.

Pre-Move Coordination
The key to a well run project is the ability of the moving company to assist in the project engineering, based on expertise and experience. Anderson Brothers will arrange and direct pre-move planning meetings with all your coordinating staffs. These meetings are designed to outline the project, direct areas of concern and reach consensus on coordination and engineering. Our presentation will include explanations of labeling, color coding, packing, personnel disbursement, layout and the sequencing of preparations.

Anderson Brothers crews are in constant communication with each other and with the supervisory staffs. We utilize both portable cellular phones and high-powered wireless communication devices to accomplish this level of communication. Communication is critical in larger relocation projects, and our experience has taught us well how to meet the project objectives through clear and immediate contact between operations.

Consolidation and Overnight Storage Advantages
We accept, consolidate and deliver new furniture and equipment that may require storage for an interim period. Our location and accessibility make consolidation a reliable and effective option for your relocation planners. We also can hold furnishing overnight for carpet installation or panel reconfiguration.

Site Protection Systems
Although we use large rubber wheel dollies which are designed to minimize wear and tear on flooring surfaces, we will use plywood and masonite to cover any areas which are of particular concern. Additionally, entrances and corners are covered where needed to reduce the risk of damage.

We hold a complete certificate of insurance. These certificates will be delivered to any building manager who requires proof of insurance, but most large office buildings in Chicago have our certificates on file. Property protection, workmen's compensation, and the specifics of coverage are all detailed in this certificate of insurance.


Professional Union Labor
We employ full time professional union movers (Local 705 of I.B.O.T.). Some of our movers and supervisors have been certified and tested to work in one of the most restricted and sensitive areas in Illinois, which is Commonwealth Edison's Nuclear Power Stations. They are routinely screened for drug use, and have passed a five years Federal Bureau of Investigation background check. Our Supervisory and Engineering staffs are the leaders in the industry, and have broad backgrounds in related fields.

On-Site Supervision
Where the project warrants, Anderson Brothers will schedule one or more supervisor's to direct the moving activity, on site, for the entire project duration. This method of on-site management enhances the moving crew's ability to work effectively. This site manager is your liaison. He will direct the work crews, make adjustments to plans and/or schedules, and focus on your complete satisfaction.

Modern equipment is another key to efficient relocation projects. Not only does up-to-date equipment reduce the risk of injury, it makes the moving process faster and more cost effective. Our trucks, pads, dollies and other tools are the best available. All equipment is carefully checked and calibrated to offer maximum performance. Anderson Brothers also innovates in the area of office equipment. We were one of the first companies to utilize book carts as a tool to move files, completely eliminating the need for packing cartons.

The labeling process begins with a careful review of your new space. The Anderson Brothers Project Engineer will help design a color coded identification system that will expedite the project. We can provide peel-off self adhesive labels that will be attached to every item being moved. Typically, these labels are distributed to your staff with an instruction sheet which outlines label placement and individual office letter assignments.

A Full Service Company
In addition to commercial moving, Anderson Brothers offers a full line of commercial support services which greatly enhance our ability to serve you better such as Off-Site Records Management, Commercial Storage and the finest Residential Moving available. Custom Installation of Modular Furniture and Furniture Repair and Refinishing are also available.


Commercial Moving Tips
2 WEEKS PRIOR TO MOVE Begin document and files sorting.
Read all memos concerning the relocation.
Make note of your relocation identification number provided by the project manager.
1 WEEK PRIOR TO MOVE Moving cartons, packing containers and shred & purge bins will be delivered by the mover.
Read and study the moving guides and labeling instruction sheets.
Begin labeling all items to be relocated.
1 DAY PRIOR TO MOVE Finalize packing.
Address computer and equipment issues (make backups if required).
Locate all keys that need to be left for the new employee at your work station.
Take an accurate count of your packed cartons and label them accordingly (1 of 6, 2 of 6 . . . ).
MOVE DAY Report to the designated area (as requested by the project manager).
Turn off computer.
Finish packing of all smaller items and computer peripherals.
Double check that your labels are filled in correctly.
Double check that all items have been labeled.
1ST DAY AFTER MOVE Unpack, check and review all containers at new location.
Check for keys, paper trays, name plates and other miscellaneous items.
Familiarize yourself with new printer and fax locations.
Check your computer network connections.
Setup voice mail, telephone and send test fax and voice mail messages.
Contact your project manager if anything is missing or out of order.
1 WEEK AFTER MOVE By now you should have returned all emptied cartons and containers to designated area.

Please note the following guidelines when labeling:

  • Always keep safety in mind before, during, and after the move.
  • Please use the appropriate color-coded moving stickers.
  • A packet containing a floor plan, color-coded moving stickers, and a copy
    of this memo, will be distributed to each department.
  • Items to be tagged include PC’s, (Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Exterior Modem, Surge
    Protector, Mouse), Boxes, and Personal Items that are not already packed in boxes.
    Tag these with the appropriate moving sticker as shown in the example below:

Please note the following guidelines when packing:

  • Make a list of all boxes, equipment, and miscellaneous items that are labeled to be moved for you or your department. You will review this list upon arrival on the first day of occupancy at your new location.
  • It is the department's responsibility to pack and tag all belongings for the move in a clear and legible manner.
  • It is important to clean your personal area once you are done packing, as someone will be moving in behind you. Remove all paper, files, trash, and other materials from furniture (overhead storage units, file drawers, pencil drawers, tack boards, etc.).
  • Leave keys for desk, files, and storage units behind in the locks.
  • PCs should be turned off, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and CPU should be tagged.
  • If you are moving a PC, disconnect keyboard and mouse.
  • Laptop owners should check with the project manager for any special instructions.
  • Docking stations and any other peripheral equipment (i.e. laptop/docking station cords, PDA cradles, label printers) should be packed.


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