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Dish Pack Carton Dishes, Glassware, Stemware, Lamps, Small Framed Items, Figurines and Fragile Items 15-25 Minutes boxes
Large Carton Blankets, Pillows and Other VERY Light Items 5 Minutes
Medium Carton General Use - Pots and Pans, Clothing, Household Goods Etc. 5 Minutes
Small or Book Carton Books, Records (LP's), and Heavy and Dense Items 5 Minutes
Wardrobe Carton Hanging Clothes 2 Minutes
Mattress Carton Fits to Mattress Size 5 Minutes
Glass or Mirror Carton Framed Pictures, Glass and Mirrors 8-10 Minutes
Newsprint Packing Paper Wrapping and Protecting General Items
Bubble Wrap Wrapping Fragile and Delicate Items
Tissue Paper PRE-Wrapping Very Delicate Items. Items Should be Re-Wrapped with Bubble Wrap.
Packing Foam Peanuts For Surrounding Delicate Items in the Carton
Tape Use Good Plastic Sealing Tape
Shrink Wrap For Holding Padding to Furniture
Carton Dividers Placed in Dish Packs for Support and Separation
Commercial Moving Supplies
Library Cart

Library and File Relocating

Utilize Library Carts when possible when moving libraries and file rooms to save time and the cost of disposable. These specialized moving carts can be delivered to your location up to two weeks prior to the move date. These packing systems also allow full access to your files during the pre-move activities.
Secure-Lock Containers

Pre - Move Document Servicing

Purge and/or shred before your unwanted paperwork by utilizing Purge / Shred Secure-Lock containers. Items to be shredded are securely contained in these portable receptacles until the mover transfer the locked bins to the shredding facility. The purge containers receive less sensitive paper items that are disposed of using conventional trash methods. These containers can be delivered up to two weeks prior to your move and can be removed and re-delivered within a two business-day window. These items are for documents only and are not to be used as trash receptacles.
Library Cart


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Plastic and Corrugated Relocation Containers

Plastic rental crates and the corrugated office tote cartons are available. It is advisable that the department utilized one or the other and not a combination of the two. Combinations of packing containers can cause costs to rise due to loading limitations of mixed containers. Both of these packaging methods have their advantages. In general, the corrugated cartons are more cost effective and are easier for the employee to handle and the plastic rental crates are slightly more secure.