Residential Movers

Reliable and Accurate Estimates

A written estimate is an important part of the decision making process when choosing a moving company. Our estimates are provided at no charge. The most accurate estimate is when our consultant makes a visual survey of your home. They then detail the costs for packing, moving and unpacking with no hidden fees. You select only the services you want.

Packing and Crating

Professional packing services are our hallmark. Our packers have a proven track record of careful attention to every detail. This is the foundation of a full service move. This portion of the move is usually the most expensive in terms of time and money, but when items are securely packed, the overall move takes less time. Professional unpacking services are available as well.

Professional Packing Cartons are available in every size. Quality, professional materials used in your packing, is the key to safe and efficient moving. Packaging materials such as tape, bubble wrap and packing paper are also available. Materials can be ordered by phone and delivered right to your door. A price list of cartons and materials is printed on the backside of this page.

Furniture Storage

Our modern 150,000 cubic foot secure and climate controlled 27th Street warehouse provides convenient access to Downtown Chicago and is an economical alternative to self-storage facilities. We are able to provide household storage solutions to accommodate your needs. Your furniture is never put in position where it is intermingled with unclean or dangerous items, as can be the case in some public warehouses. You are assured a clean modern moving van.


Do you need to purchase additional insurance? Many movers offer insurance to cover damage, and others may say something like “don’t worry we’re insured”. It is a good idea to be concerned about protecting your shipment. Standard liabilities of all moving companies are far below the actual value of your shipment unless you supplement with additional coverage. Do you need additional insurance? – To help answer this common question, please go to Illinois Commerce Commission’s page.

We carry full workman’s compensation coverage and vehicle insurance. Limits to liability against damage to items moved are 30 cents per pound. If another mover tells you otherwise, you should ask for it in writing. When you are moving valuable items (as most household items are) choose a mover with a rock solid reputation. Finally, take an insurance policy against any unforeseen occurrence.Additional protection against damage is available from Anderson Brothers at various rates depending on your needs.